Midwife-Led Complementary Therapies For Pre-Pregnancy, Pregnancy And Post Birth

“Combining years of Midwifery experience with specialist training in complementary therapies, we can support you with your pregnancy journey from conception to birth and beyond. We provide support with common symptoms, emotional wellbeing or provide time out and relaxation.”

Treatments We Provide

We offer many treatments at Buttercup including therapies and practical support.  All services and treatments are provided by registered Midwives to provide safe and individualised care

Check out our range of services below that could really help any symptoms you are experiencing.

what sort of massage should I get when pregnant


As pregnancy can often bring on new physical and emotional changes, massage can be a useful therapy to support wellbeing for mother and baby. Massage is offered in the pregnancy and early post birth period.

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Heat applied by use of moxa sticks (rolled dried herbs) warm specific energy channels and trigger a hormonal change and increase the baby’s activity encouraging the turning of position. Research has shown that moxibustion has about a 66% success rate.

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help after birth

After Birth (post natal) Therapies

We highly recommended and incorporate the use of aromatherapy, reflexology and massage to offer a bespoke treatment within the first 6-week postnatal period. Treatments can be specified for individual symptoms.

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ways to induce labour

Birth Preparation

Here at Buttercup, we are proud to offer individualised care package to promote labour by using reflexology, aromatherapy and acupressure, when full term to avoid medical induction.

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what sort of benefits can reflexology while pregnant


To treat the body through pressure points on the feet. Individual treatments for relaxation or specific conditions can be targeted to reduce pain & swelling.

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can aromatherapy help pregnancy


Aromatherapy can be used very effectively in pregnancy and birth to aid common pregnancy symptoms, help your labour to start naturally, and use following your birth to ease any pain or help with breast feeding.

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Gift Vouchers

We provide vouchers for any value that can be redeemed for pregnancy treatments and belly bump or 3D casting. We can email or post out

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Belly Bump Casts

If you are looking for something a bit different to capture those pregnancy memories, then we have just the thing! Bump casting is the absolute

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3D casting

If you enjoyed a belly bump cast then you will love the 3d casting! A treasured memory of your little one’s hands, feet or both

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stages of pregnancy

Gift Shop

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a mum-to-be or new parents then visit our pregnancy and baby gift shop virtually or at

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Natural Fertility Acupuncture

Pre-conception acupuncture provided by one of our experienced midwives to prepare the body naturally for a healthy conception and pregnancy. Fertility needs are a spectrum

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The Midwives Circle

We are proud to be a part of The Midwives Circle and Wellness Centre Based in Northamptonshire, The Midwives Circle is a collaboration of Midwives

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The best care is on your side

Individualised treatments from fertility to birth planning

Providing services for the relief of pregnancy symptoms and emotional support

Private convenient location at our specialist clinic

Specialist Service by Registered Midwives

The Journey Of Pregnancy

Our team are here to help you through all stages of pregnancy and offer information and advice. Our years of experience helps us support you through this life changing process, see our tips and guides below. Let us know if there is a topic you would like us to feature in this section.

Congratulations! And breathe…

So many emotions hit you as soon as you see that little pink line! Whether you have been waiting and planning this moment or life has totally side swiped you, these feelings are normal! Just take a moment to yourself if you need and remember you are not in this alone

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How Can I Prepare for Birth?

Birth preparation can look different for each individual and can change as pregnancy develops.  Sometimes you may need physical support perhaps with symptoms that are

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I had regular reflexology massages throughout my pregnancy and they were incredible. They helped my swollen feet immensely, they were extremely relaxing and helped me to have a fantastic nights sleep on the day of the treatment (which is rare in pregnancy). Katy’s experience as a midwife is so reassuring and everything is catered for you being pregnant from the oils to the massage bed. I highly recommend Buttercup Maternity Therapies, when my body was at is most tested is was such an amazing relief for aches and pains and I always knew I was in safe hands and everything was safe for my pregnancy. I give 5 stars ⭐️
Katy is such a friendly midwife with so much knowledge around alternative therapies in pregnancy. My baby was breech throughout my pregnancy so at 35 weeks Katy discussed using moxibustion. As a midwife myself I did research on using moxibustion and found a lot of positive outcomes. When using the sticks (moxibustion) my baby was very active and I felt as if she was trying to turn. At our 37 week scan the baby had turned and we were delighted! I highly recommend trying them.
I am lucky enough to consider Katy a colleague and friend and visited her today for some reflexology at her beautiful buttercup clinic. As many pregnant women know you can’t have much in the way of massage or TLC but Katy’s reflexology was so calming and I came away feeling I had had a spa break! She used her knowledge and expertise to tailor the experience to me and my baby and I knew I could fully trust her. She is so professional and gentle and I cannot recommend her enough. She explained the different uses of oils and how they could help me to try and avoid an induction. 🤞🏻 I am lucky not to have many complaints in my pregnancy but if I did I would definitely trust Katy to address them holistically and naturally! thanks Katy 😘 xx

pregnancy symptoms

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