About Buttercup

Buttercup was started to support women with choices for pregnancy and after birth care and support. As much as we all appreciate the amazing NHS we really wanted to given women and their families more time and individual support tailored to their needs
We believe that the mind has a powerful effect on the body and by optimising care and support with relaxation and complementary body treatments then total wellness can be possible.

The combination of Midwifery experience and a passion to give women choice and access to services often not provided within the NHS setting, means that Buttercup is a holistic provider of pregnancy support and care.
We have worked alongside women in hospital, at home and in community settings and we know that pregnancy can be exciting and joy filled but also sometimes challenging.

We aim to give physical and emotional support using complementary therapy and antenatal education as well as options for enhanced midwifery care to meet the needs of women and their families that access our services.
We have spent time listening to what women need and always offer contact details when you access our treatments or pregnancy groups, so you become part of the Buttercup family.

You can always ask us questions that you feel you cannot ask your main healthcare provider. See our testimonials to get a feeling to women have found this beneficial when attending for Buttercup therapies.

We also specialise in bump casts as well as baby hand and feet casting for treasured memories and our Midwifery heads are still available to you throughout! We also are fast becoming a pregnancy and baby ‘hub’ with networking and joining with other services and suppliers of pregnancy and parenting products.

We are always happy to have consultations over zoom prior to booking any treatment or pregnancy session so you can meet one of our team and get an idea of how we work.

We look forward to seeing you and being part of your special journey.