The Team


My life as a midwife started early as I followed my Grandmothers footsteps and trained at a large city hospital, a great way to start as lots of home births, hospital births and lots of experience.  

After lots of practice on a labour ward and my first experience as a maternity patient myself I started as a midwifery sister which taught me a lot personally and professionally, I still love this role today!

I have since trained as a midwife sonographer and enjoyed roles within safeguarding children and fetal health services, currently I am within a Health and Well-being role focusing on health in pregnancy.

I have had two babies myself, Bobby and Maisy who showed me how it is to be on the mummy side and to have to put your trust in midwives and other health professionals.  I have to say my experiences were positive ones, but I did suffer with common symptoms of pelvic pain and back pain with my second pregnancy to which standard advice didn’t help.

I have always had an interest in complementary therapies and I am keen to try new ventures so decided to bite the bullet and train in a specialist diploma for complementary therapies for midwives.  The course blew my mind and showed me how powerful these therapies can be, I also appreciated their place within maternity care and that they could have really helped me had I been aware of them.

I hope that with my combined training in therapies and my experience as a midwife for many years I can provide a unique and individualised service for pregnant women and new mothers so they can thoroughly enjoy this special time.

I am loving the reaction that women are sharing with me as they discover the therapies and finding it good for my own wellbeing too! Look forward to meeting many new mums to be on their motherhood journey 


Hello! My name is Rhonda, I am a mum, a Nonna and a midwife. I trained to be a midwife when I was 32 and my children were at an age where I felt was right for me to focus on my career. I originally started as a healthcare assistant but fell in love with the role of the midwife and felt that I could provide physical and emotional support to women during their pregnancy, labour and postnatal period.  I trained in Norfolk and remained at the hospital I trained at for 7 years before locating to the Channel Islands for 4 years and returned to the UK in 2017 to spend more time with my grandson. 

Most of my midwifery career has been in the antenatal setting, having worked in the community and antenatal clinic before obtaining a specialist midwife role in Antenatal and Newborn screening and fetal medicine. While this area of my career is often very high risk I maintain my skills on labour ward. 

 I have always wanted every woman to have a positive experience of birth, whether by Caesarean section or homebirth and have also been a good communicator which has enabled me to support women in their choices. I am looking forward to working with you all and giving you the knowledge and skills to have the birth you would like.  


My name is Saffron and I am a Midwife, Mum and bookworm. I am a passionate advocate for empowering women, normality and the safe facilitation of birth. I have worked in all areas within the maternity setting, most recently within a continuity of care team. This means I met women at their first appointment and between myself and my team we attended her at every appointment, her birth and postnatally. My current project is completing my masters degree in promoting normality in childbirth. To me Midwifery is a vocation and I look forward to sharing my knowledge and passion with you.


I have been a midwife for 20 years. Currently working as a midwifery sister in the NHS, I started my career in Sheffield. I have worked at 3 different NHS hospitals and with each job role gained valuable experience and knowledge in ensuring women receive a high standard of safe quality care.  I have also worked alongside the NHS quality improvement collaborative leading a project as part of saving babies lives.  This improvement project led me and my team to Manchester to share our amazing improvements and outcomes with other NHS hospitals from all over the UK. I have 3 children, all born at Kettering, two of which were born in the birthing pool.
I am also still able to care for women and be privileged to assist them at the birth which is why I want to use my experience to ensure women and their families receive and are able to access services to provide  the best opportunities and enable them to fulfil their birth plans to make their birthing experience positive.
Welcome to Buttercup where as midwives with many years experience we will assist you on your journey to motherhood and be with you every step of the way