How Can I Prepare for Birth?

How Can I Prepare for Birth?

Birth preparation can look different for each individual and can change as pregnancy develops.  Sometimes you may need physical support perhaps with symptoms that are causing discomfort or the positioning of the baby.  It may be that you need some practical tips for early labour or your partner may feel that they need guidance on how best to support you.

Here’s what we recommend through pregnancy to prepare for labour and birth,,,

Try and give yourself time – now we know this is hard, life is busy and we often struggle to really take time out. But here’s the thing, hormonal balance is key and too much stress keeps us in a heightened state.  Our modern world is full of stimulation and distraction, if you can take tiny steps to have moments of calm and quiet, to be alone with your thoughts it can be so helpful to your general wellbeing. Try it in the shower or bath, sit in a quiet space or focus on your baby’s movements, this is also great for bonding in your own pregnant world.

Keeping mobile – so if your are a gym bunny, great, if you are not this is not where we advise you get your Lycra out and get your steps in.  However keeping your body mobile is so beneficial to how you function and how you feel as your baby and body grows.  The important thing is finding what you enjoy, is it gentle stretching in the garden? finding out how good you feel in a swimming pool? You don’t have to start running laps or lifting weights (but if that is for you then go for it).   Find a class or trainer if you are doing something new, don’t push yourself to far and listen to your body.

Nourish your body – most people would agree that getting your 5-a-day is never a bad thing but right now nature’s goodness is a gift.  Including a wide variety of fruit and vegetables into your eating plans is essential to ensure an abundance of nutritious vitamins and minerals, your body and baby will thank you for it. This doesn’t mean cut everything else out, but if you can try to think of new and delicious ways to add them in then you are making a great impact on your health

Find a community – You may have great support already or you may feel you would love some more people in your ‘village’.  Friends, family, colleagues and neighbours are a great source of advice, love and company but maybe you feel you would like to find some like minded parents-to-be.  Whatever the case having physical, emotional and practical help is invaluable and can make your pregnancy journey extra special

Enjoy the wait – we often find that when pregnancy advances past the due date, people can feel fed up and frustrated (top tip – google the origins of due dates dates), often babies have their own plan so use the time to wait and ‘be’, enjoy your maternity leave, family time or do something you don’t normally do (read a book, cinema in the daytime, coffee morning with a loved one) you will never regret caring for yourself!

Our aim is to provide you with what you need and our birth preparation sessions are adapted to suit your requirements. We can support you with;

practical help – writing your birth plan, exploring options for labour and birth

physical issues = rebozo, therapies, acupressure, bio-mechanics and teaching partner massage techniques for labour

emotional support – we will listen and understand any worries or needs you have and enable you to release fear around birth

empowerment – not a word to be used lightly, this is what all of the above should provide, we will support you to choose your birth, your way

To discuss or book your birth planning session please Contact Us – Buttercup Therapies

We can provide 1:1, couple sessions and group education or hypnobirthing sessions are available at our pregnancy hub The Midwives Circle and Wellness Centre