Using your Professionals

If during your pregnancy you have seen just your midwife or you have met a few alongside an Obstetrician a health visitor and a GP, it is worth asking lots of questions and using their experience to empower you during your birth planning process. It is worth saying that their practice will be shaped by their own experiences and influences along the way possibly also by their own birthing experience.
By making notes of questions you want to ask you will ensure you remember to ask them at your next appointment. It is helpful to do your own research to have an idea about what is out there (take a look at our birth options page to give you an idea) and what you may want to further discuss with your healthcare professional.

Your midwife should discuss birth planning in the last few months (around weeks 32-36) and help you as much as you may need. It is worth saying that you are in control of this and the professional advice is there to support and empower you.

Our handy Birth Plan template is available if you want a help to get started.