Therapy Support to Target Pelvic Pain

Massage is our most popular treatment for pelvic pain. The use of aromatherapy oils can really boost the pain relieving effect of pelvic massage and our midwifery therapists will tailor treatments to involve your back and shoulders or leg muscles to give you relief and movement. Massage can also be really good if you’re not sleeping well and for general aches and pains.

Aromatherapy oils can be used for easing pain, muscle tension and to help sleep. Invigorating oils can be used for energy boosting, mood enhancing or even to ease water retention.

If Reflexology is more to your liking, the zones of the back and pelvic can be targeted to have a stimulating or relaxing effect to ease muscle pain or tension. Reflexology is great for general relaxation and for aiding sleep.

The therapies can be alternated if required and performed regularly for maximum effect.