Why do I have Pelvic Pain?

Your pelvis is a series of bones that gives us protection and structure to our internal organs and of course for women our precious babies as they grow and develop. These pelvis bones are held together by muscles and ligaments that are designed to be somewhat flexible. The hormones of pregnancy allow these ligaments to soften and stretch to accommodate our growing babies and to give birth when the time comes.
Unfortunately this relaxation gives us some unwanted side effects as the bones move slightly alongside the increase in pressure from the growing baby. This can cause a grating or grinding feeling that can be painful and restrict movements. Walking, sleeping and climbing stairs can be made uncomfortable or even feel impossible when pelvic pain is severe.

Pelvis pain is not harmful for the baby but can be debilitating for pregnant women, some women experience it quite early in the pregnancy especially if they have had pelvic pain in previous pregnancies or other conditions such as back problems. Often the position of babies and the later stages of pregnancy will bring some degree of pelvic pain and although most will subside following the birth some women do experience some pain for a period following pregnancy.