Massage is incredibly beneficial to our bodies causing physiological changes to reduce stress hormones and promote relaxation.  As pregnancy can often bring on new physical and emotional changes, massage can be a useful therapy to support wellbeing for mother and baby.  Massage is offered in the pregnancy and early postnatal (after birth) period and can be combined with aromatherapy for optimum benefits and relief from any symptoms.

We at Buttercup recognise that many people could benefit from massage and as midwives we appreciate the importance of touch therapy on a physical and emotional level.

All treatments are carried out with our knowledge of the pregnant body in mind and we work with the expectant or new Mother to accommodate any specialist requirements or to target symptoms such as swelling or pain. A full consultation is completed prior to any treatment to ensure the most appropriate therapy and the best experience.

The treatments are all carried out in a relaxing environment to aid relaxation and stress relief.  This can be especially helpful with birth preparation or in the early weeks following birth.

This is the most popular treatment at Buttercup and most people find massage a good option for relaxation or a ‘treat’.  Massage therapy can be so much more, it can be incredibly effective at relieving pain, reducing stress and anxiety and improving sleep, both in pregnancy and post birth.
We offer a full body 60-minute massage which is great for a top-to-toe unwind and provides time to fully immerse in the treatment, a popular option.  The full body massage incorporates all of the elements of the half-body with extra relief to areas you didn’t even know were tense (quite often people appreciate the massage to feet and hands)
If you are looking for help with symptoms such as back or pelvic pain or prefer a shorter treatment, then a 35-minute half-body massage may be for you. This includes neck, back and pelvic massage but can be adapted to suit your needs.
We combine pregnancy massage with aromatherapy (although can be without if preferred), we aim to target any symptoms you are having and provide you with a personal aromatherapy blend to use at home (all included in massage price).  For more information on aromatherapy click here
All massage treatments can be fully adapted as we appreciate that everyone has individual preferences and sometimes sensitivities.  We have tricks of the trade to accommodate pregnancy treatments and ensure full privacy and body coverage throughout the massage should you be nervous about this.
Katy has been a midwife for over 20 years so don’t be worried about any requests or concerns, she is very used to caring for women and their personal needs and preferences.
All treatments are subject to full consultation, and we offer free face-to-face or telephone appointments if you have any queries about our therapies or individual requirements



Back neck shoulder (35min)

Individualised aromatherapy blend following consultation


Full body (60 mins)

Individualised aromatherapy blend following consultation


Choose from:

Individualised aromatherapy blend following consultation. All massages include oils to use at home following treatment. Massage without aromatherapy also available.