Belly Bump Casts

Belly Bump Casts

If you are looking for something a bit different to capture those pregnancy memories, then we have just the thing!

Bump casting is the absolute must-do for those that love their bump and want to treasure it long after baby is born.  We are happy for your partner, friends or the baby’s siblings to come and get involved too, it can be a really fun way to make this time even more fun!

We will cast your bump (from 35-38 weeks is ideal) and you can take on the day or leave with us for us to turn into a beautiful bump bowl.

Bowls can be used for newborn photo shoots, decorating the nursery or as a piece of art in your home.  We can even individualise with colours, textures and patterns to match your nursery for cuddly toy storage.

If you want any further information please contact us or visit our Instagram page

You can have bump casting throughout you’re pregnancy to mark your milestones or as a one off session (after about 35 weeks works best) from £55