Birth Preparation

A combination of therapies for birth preparation includes relaxation therapy from 32 weeks of pregnancy to reduce stress hormones and facilitate labour stimulating hormones when your body is ready. This can include therapies and birth planning/antenatal sessions to ensure you feel physically and emotionally prepared for birth.

An individualised care package will be provided after full consultation and review of any medical/pregnancy history.  Depending on your requirements or preferences a combination of reflex zone therapy, aromatherapy and acupressure is used to promote labour when full term to avoid medical induction.

It is essential that the therapies are provided with full disclosure of medical history and at an appropriate time by a qualified professional, we will support you with an understanding approach and aim to provide any information and advice you may need.

Individual session £45

Course of 6   £240

Contact us for a consultation to discuss options and to explore if this is right for you