If your baby is breech (bottom down) in the later stages of pregnancy you may be offered a further scan (to check baby’s position) or medical intervention to help turn the baby.  You will likely be offered a planned Caesarean section to birth your baby.

This may feel worrying or overwhelming and sometimes the choices offered are not ones that you may have chosen.  You may feel that you have not been given enough information to make a decision that is right for you or are conflicted by the advice.

Moxibustion is a traditional Chinese technique to turn a breech baby to a head-down position.  Heat applied by use of moxa sticks (rolled dried herbs) warm specific energy channels and trigger a hormonal change and increase the baby’s activity encouraging the turning of position. Research has shown that moxibustion has about a 66% success rate, as successful as a medical ECV.

Some hospitals may offer moxibustion as part of their routine care however this is not standardised across all maternity services.  Some Midwives or Obstetricians may inform you that it is an option and some may not know what moxibustion is.  The treatment is sometimes hard to believe or understand when it may be unfamiliar and separate from medical care

The moxibustion treatment will include a discussion about your pregnancy and what your birth choices are, also providing any information you may need.  We will check your baby’s position and assess the heart rate of baby, teach you and/or your partner the moxibustion technique and provide the moxa sticks for continued treatment.  Moxibustion can also be incorporated as a package to include birth preparation and relaxation treatments.

A full consultation is needed to ensure that moxibustion is a suitable treatment for you and your baby and is the right option for you.  Information on the treatment will be provided and guidance for after care.  Full follow up is included as required on an individual basis.

If required, we can also provide information around ECV (medical technique for manual turning of a breech baby) or Elective Caesarean section and breech vaginal birth.

If you would like to discuss this treatment, contact us to arrange a free face-to-face or telephone appointment

MOXIBUSTION (approx. 30-40min)     £45