Reflex zone therapy (a style of reflexology) uses the feet as a map of the body to stimulate responses through pressure points on the feet.  In pregnancy, reflexology can be used for relaxation or to target specific conditions such as reducing pain, heartburn and many other pregnancy symptoms.  This can be as a one off session or as a course of treatments

Many people comment that they didn’t realise reflexology was so relaxing but this is definitely one of its benefits and it doesn’t tickle as much as you may think!  Generally, the treatment can aid sleep and general wellbeing, supporting you to feel well balanced and calm

Reflexology is a popular treatment for birth preparation and when babies are past their ‘due’ date.  As midwives, we will ensure that all appropriate advice is provided with any therapy and support you to feel empowered for birth by using therapies and if you need, any advice or guidance. 

When reflex zone therapy is used to prepare for birth or to stimulate contractions, it is essential an appropriate treatment plan is made that is individually tailored for you.  We believe that a combination of therapy and midwifery experience can ensure you have the information and support you may need at this time to provide safe and effective care for you and your baby.

A full consultation will be provided to check there are no contraindications to therapies and allow for a personalised treatment plan.  If you would like to discuss any more about how reflexology can reduce symptoms or provide general relaxation contact us to arrange a free face-to-face or telephone appointment

All therapies are provided within our private and comfortable clinic and include after care advice and any further recommendations you may require.


(approx. 40min)

Pre or post birth, individualised treatment