Reflex zone therapy (a style of reflexology) uses the feet as a map of the body stimulate responses through pressure points on the feet. In pregnancy, reflexology can be used for individual treatments for relaxation or to target specific conditions such as reducing pain, heartburn and many other pregnancy symptoms.

As midwives we will ensure that all appropriate advice is provided with the therapy and also to help relieve any common pregnancy problems.

Reflex zone therapy can be used to prepare for birth and help to stimulate contractions however it is essential that this is at an appropriate time and by a fully trained professional. We believe that a combination of therapy and midwifery experience can ensure you have the information and support you need at this time.

A full consultation will ensure the treatment is right for you with no contraindications. An individualised treatment will be offered to reduce a symptoms or for general relaxation as well as after care advice or further recommendations.

All therapies are within a private and comfortable environment to ensure a relaxing and enjoyable experience.


(approx 30-40min)

Pre or post birth, individualised treatment