Natural Fertility Acupuncture

Pre-conception acupuncture provided by one of our experienced midwives to prepare the body naturally for a healthy conception and pregnancy. Acupuncture is used to encourage the optimum environment for conception, prepare women for pregnancy and regulate menstrual cycles. For further information please contact us and we can arrange a consultation Contact Us – Buttercup Therapies

antenatal massage

Ante-Natal Mini Massage

Some women do not consider the idea of having a massage as relaxing or feel like they not have time to enjoy a total body treatment.  A ‘mini’ massage can provide a boost of the beneficial aspects of massage or can be a way to dip your toe in the water if you are unsure …

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what sort of massage should I get when pregnant

Massage in Pregnancy

Massage is a common treatment in pregnancy and many women choose to enjoy a pregnancy massage. Here at Buttercup we hope that being qualified midwives helps us to give you a totally bespoke experience and use our knowledge of the pregnant body to use massage as a therapy. Whether you are experiencing pain, stress or …

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Reflex Zone Therapy

Reflex zone therapy is a branch of reflexology that can be used to encourage the start of contractions using appropriate points on the foot to stimulate hormonal changes in your body.  This is one of our more popular treatments and always our go-to for post dates therapy for those little ones who want to be …

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Using your Professionals

If during your pregnancy you have seen just your midwife or you have met a few alongside an Obstetrician a health visitor and a GP, it is worth asking lots of questions and using their experience to empower you during your birth planning process. It is worth saying that their practice will be shaped by …

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advice for your pregnancy

Why do I have Pelvic Pain?

Your pelvis is a series of bones that gives us protection and structure to our internal organs and of course for women our precious babies as they grow and develop. These pelvis bones are held together by muscles and ligaments that are designed to be somewhat flexible. The hormones of pregnancy allow these ligaments to …

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advice for your pregnancy

How can I help my pain?

It is thought that up to 1 in 5 people experience pelvic pain in varying degrees. Some people find it difficult to care for younger children, carry out work duties or even simple things such as getting dressed and climbing in the bath. Using pillows and cushions to support sleeping positions and when resting can …

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Birth Options

At your first appointment with your midwife they will often ask where you want to be to birth your baby and how you want to feed your baby. While this might seem like early days for these discussions, it is well worth considering. You have the option of ‘booking’ with a birthing centre (midwife led …

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