Should I take Raspberry Leaf Tea???

Should I take Raspberry Leaf Tea???

Raspberry leaf is a traditional herbal remedy often taken to prepare for birth. Raspberry leaf should not be used as a method of starting labour but by gradually increasing through the last three months of pregnancy. Large quantities may cause excessive contractions and distress to your baby.

Research suggests that chemicals in the leaves of the raspberry bush tone the smooth muscle of your uterus helping your body to work more efficiently possibly preventing you from going past your due date.  It is important to follow guidance on dosage not only for safety but taking too much can have the reverse effect on your uterus possibly making your labour longer.

How should i take Raspberry leaf?

Raspberry Leaf comes in the form of tablets (300mg or 400mg) or by adding boiling water with the dried leaves as with traditional tea. The tea form is thought to be more effective. One tablet or cup of tea a day can be started at 32 weeks of pregnancy, over a few weeks this can be gradually increased to up to 3-4 cups/tablets throughout the day.  If you have any discomfort or strong Braxton Hicks reduce down your intake of raspberry leaf.

Can anyone take Raspberry Leaf?

There are some conditions where it is not advisable to take Raspberry Leaf.  If you are unsure please discuss with your midwife, Obstetrician or a herbalist.  Do not take Raspberry Leaf before 30 weeks unless you have been prescribed by a qualified herbalist.

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