Congratulations! And breathe…

So the test is positive!  Amazing?  Not so much?

Whatever the case, that little line can be a bit overwhelming, so now what?  The most important thing is to be aware that this is all about you.  Yes sure you have family, friends and of course a Dad-to-be to consider but for now lets concentrate on you.

Soon you will be contacting your midwife to get booked in and start thinking about your pregnancy journey.  A midwife is a great resource so make sure you utilise that.  They will be able to help with practical advice, extra support systems and most of all, to be your advocate throughout.  You will be able to make decisions about your care that may involve seeing an obstetrician at the hospital or having your full care journey with your midwife.  This mostly depends on your health needs and health guidance but of course you have the choice to use the knowledge to make informed decisions.

The midwife will also chat with you about where you would like to give birth.  You choose where you have your baby… consultant led unit, midwife led birthing unit or maybe at home.  Your midwife will inform you about the options in your area, this may feel a little early to be thinking about this but there’s no rush to make a choice, an ‘open options’ approach is welcomed by health professionals.

Early pregnancy symptoms, the dreaded morning sickness? Actually although this does not feel good its a sign that your hormones are kicking in, check out any of our therapies that may help

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