I attended Buttercup therapies initially at 35/36 weeks due to back complaints and standard pregnancy niggles – what I expected to be a one off treat for myself soon followed several more appointments including postpartum. 

Katy is absolutely fantastic – sadly my own midwife I didn’t strike up a bond with, however I was delighted to find not only that in Katy but a warmth and genuine care for me and my pregnancy journey.

Having had a very traumatic first Labour I was keen not to go down that road if at all possible and after the initial body massage with aromatherapy – I had a few reflexology treatments to stimulate and start things off if at all possible on a more natural basis. 

All treatments were done after a full consultation and health check, Katy carefully goes through your pregnancy notes and at no point took any chances.

The reflexology was incredible and I would highly recommend to any pregnant lady if just for relaxation… I am only sad that Katy does not offer this to non pregnant ladies as it was by far my favourite!!! 

I can also confirm that Katy’s efforts were not wasted and after my first reflexology treatment within a day I began those initial niggles… Katy was also very supportive over email as mentioned above I didn’t have that with my midwife and Katy was more than happy and always quick in her response to answer and ease any anxieties i had.

I am delighted that I was successful in having a very natural and very lovely labour – followed by of course postpartum reflexology and massage.

I can not recommend Katy enough – my journey has been such a different one with the birth of my second daughter and I can whole heartedly say that Katy you were a significant part in enabling this.

Any pregnant lady, whether just wanting some R&R or someone who is quite anxious must must experience “ Katy” and her therapies…

Lovely, warm and personable lady whom I wish the very best of luck with Buttercup Maternity Therapies xxx


 I had regular reflexology massages throughout my pregnancy and they were incredible. They helped my swollen feet immensely, they were extremely relaxing and helped me to have a fantastic nights sleep on the day of the treatment (which is rare in pregnancy).

Katy’s experience as a midwife is so reassuring and everything is catered for you being pregnant from the oils to the massage bed. 

I highly recommend Buttercup Maternity Therapies, when my body was at is most tested is was such an amazing relief for aches and pains and I always knew I was in safe hands and everything was safe for my pregnancy. 

I give 5 stars ⭐️

Saffron midwife

I am lucky enough to consider Katy a colleague and friend and visited her today for some reflexology at her beautiful buttercup clinic. As many pregnant women know you can’t have much in the way of massage or TLC but Katy’s reflexology was so calming and I came away feeling I had had a spa break! She used her knowledge and expertise to tailor the experience to me and my baby and I knew I could fully trust her. She is so professional and gentle and I cannot recommend her enough. She explained the different uses of oils and how they could help me to try and avoid an induction. 🤞🏻 I am lucky not to have many complaints in my pregnancy but if I did I would definitely trust Katy to address them holistically and naturally! thanks Katy 😘 xx

Laura midwife

Katy is such a friendly midwife with so much knowledge around alternative therapies in pregnancy.

My baby was breech throughout my pregnancy so at 35 weeks Katy discussed using moxibustion.

As a midwife myself I did research on using moxibustion and found a lot of positive outcomes.

When using the sticks (moxibustion) my baby was very active and I felt as if she was trying to turn. 

At our 37 week scan the baby had turned and we were delighted! I highly recommend trying them. 

Thank you Katy. X

Attached is a picture of my husband using the sticks 😊


I had an amazing full body massage that I would highly recommend!